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June 2011

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At 3 in the afternoon, a mere 26 hours after departing, I arrived at my first stop: Anjuna. Heading to sleep the night before I left, a mixture of anxiety and panic left me with about 5 hours of sleep to fuel me through until Tuesday evening. The first flight of my journey was pleasant enough; the huge Boeing 777 was only at about half capacity, and I thankfully had both armrests to myself.

Arriving into Dubai, I half-expected a wave of heat to hit me as I stepped off the plane. As it was, the shiny, glassy, clean and mostly empty airport was very well chilled. Waiting for my second Emirates flight of the day, it quickly became apparent that I was the only non-Indian person on the entire flight. But wait, I notice a rather rotund Englishman in a big suit enter the waiting area. He spots me and unbelievably, out of a choice of perhaps 100 empty seats, plonks himself alongside me in what probably appeared to be the 'White' corner of the room.

The flight was a lot busier than the first, but arrived in good time to Mumbai. After the oil-fueled majesty that was Dubai International, the airport itself was quite a shock. It seemed like the entire decor was installed about fifty years ago and not been updated/cleaned since. There were some very nice plants, but unless they were pumping the sound in through the speakers, there were definitely some crickets that had made the airport their home. Having navigated my way to my gate approximately 7 hours early, I decided to take 100 small naps of no longer than 5 minutes with my hand as my pillow.

The final flight was with IndiGo Air, the Indian low-cost option. The flight itself was so short that no sooner had we reached cruising altitude, we began our descent. Arriving into Goa, the exotically-named Lazarus Fernandes took me the 60km to my hostel in Anjuna. The Evershine guesthouse isn't exactly a Hilton, but for 2 pound a night, you feel guilty even asking for a sheet to sleep under. This isn't helped by the lovely hostess Sebastiana, who really goes out of her way to make sure you have a good stay.

Having unpacked (by which I mean got my sandals out and put them on my feet), I wandered towards the beach area. I took a seat to enjoy the sea air, but my view of the horizon was rudely interrupted.


This encounter proved too much for me, so I headed to the nearest bar where I shared a few drinks with a few guys from Mumbai who are here on holiday. They've taught me a lot about the area, where to go and who to speak to. Having still not slept properly in a couple of days, the atmosphere gave me a little extra boost. The evening took me to a restaurant with some fellow travellers, where, inexplicably, the owners put on a lethal combination of Hollywood classics: Bad Boys and Burlesque. Strangely, it was halfway through the latter when the tiredness really kicked in, and allowed me to sleep soundly through a tropical storm..


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