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T-Minus 1 Week..

or: 'Bricking It'

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Job: Quit
Passport: Stamped
Leaving Party: Been and gone!

The excitement and anticipation I had been feeling about my upcoming trip has, over the last week, slowly been morphing itself into trepidation and anxiety. What if I get stranded at an airport? What if the Internet was lying to me about that hostel in the middle of the backwaters of Kerala? What if the Thai immigration officials find out about my police warning for stealing a 'For Sale' sign during a drunken night out in Southampton and deems me too great a threat to national security?

All legitimate concerns, but it is a mindset I would like to rid myself of. In an ideal world, I would love to be the guy who can just take the first flight out of London with just the clothes on his back and just see what the world has in store, but aside from the financial and logistical restraints of travelling this way, I'm not sure I'm ready to take every corner of the road blindly just yet..

Reading travel guides, rough guides and hearing friends' accounts, I soon established a list of places I HAD to see. The thought of winging it and potentially missing out on some of these wonderful places is just not my style. Equally, I didn't want to be finding myself arriving, taking a few snaps and zipping off to the next checkpoint without a pause for breath. So I arrived at a compromise: I've booked all my flights, but I'm including a lot of extended overland travel to give me a bit more freedom. I'll have a general direction I need to head for, but what I'll see along the way, I'd rather not know for now!


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